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Hawk & Sloan Sprays

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Sassy Spray-

When it comes to discipline, consistency is key. Sassy Spray is a portable and versatile method that can be used anywhere. Whether your child throws a fit, says a naughty word, or talks back to you, Sassy Spray is a unique and effective disciplinary method.

Formulated with a unique blend of Apple Cider Vinegar and Vita Veggies , Sassy Spray provides a dose of discipline and a dash of nutrition. A spray a day keeps the sassies away!

 Scary Spray-

Monsters seem so real after the lights go out and mom and dad leave the room. Scary Spray gives fretful toddlers the assurance they need to sleep monster-free every night.

Use Scary Spray as part of your nightly bedtime routine by allowing your child to stand up to those imaginary monsters. Let the child spray the monsters away at bedtime with this Scary Spray formulated with calming essential oils.

Stinky Spray

When your child poos, do you want everyone to know? Stinky Spray is a must for the parent on the go.

Stinky Spray works to eliminate that foul odor coming from the diaper or the diaper pail itself with its pleasing citrus fragrance. After each diaper change, spray the soiled diaper before disposing of it.

Sleepy Spray-

Fretful children often find it difficult to fall asleep, making bedtime a stressful process for parents. After the stories and good night kisses, Sleepy Spray will be your next step to a calm and restful night. As part of your child’s bedtime routine, spray the room with this lavender infused, Sleep Fairy approved, mist for a calming effect.

 Lice Spray-

Though they are tiny, lice create a hairy problem for any parent. Lice Spray is designed to give parents the confidence to send their child to school when lice is on high alert.

This unique formula protects your child’s hair from falling victim to these little pests. Generously spray your child’s hair to help repel head lice. The fragrance may also be sprayed on areas in which head lice might encounter.

 Soothe Spray-

Is formulated with micronized silver for it’s proven antimicrobial properties. This spray not only assists in calming and soothing the diaper area, but also keeps mom and dad’s hands squeaky clean.

Spray Soothie Spray after each diaper change on the diaper area or on any irritated skin.

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