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A mother who started an insurance business many years ago, with a 3-year-old little girl at home, with the hope to give her everything and anything she could ever need or want.

A daughter, who was inspired by her successful business-woman mother, and had plans of law school and carrying on her mothers business.

Enter their passion and love of design and decorating and re-decorating anything and everything.

Isn’t it absolutely crazy how we can make plans for our lives, thinking in five years we’d know exactly where we’ll be, but we aren’t the master planners and don’t always know what He has planned?

The story of Farmhouse Market is all about a mother and daughter friendship and their shared love of design and mixing old with the new, and how our plans aren’t always God’s plans.

Diana had built a successful insurance company from the ground up and Kaitlyn had watched her do it. The plan was for Kaitlyn to go to Law School and study Contract Law to come back and run Providence Risk and Insurance Services with her brother.

After graduating Texas A&M in December of 2014, Kaitlyn was studying to take her LSAT’s but wasn’t excited about attending law school. The mother and daughter team had both dreamed of opening a boutique style furniture and home décor store in the small town of Spring Branch, TX but never knew the details of how it would all work. Diana ran her company, which was more than a full time job, and Kaitlyn was going to law school. Opening a store just wasn’t in the “plan”. They talked about this dream often and how much fun it would be, what kind of items it would carry, and how the small town needed something like Farmhouse Market.

Diana and Kaitlyn took a mother and daughter trip to the Round Top Antique show in March. With each vendor they visited they became more inspired and continued to talk in more detail of their imaginary store. On the way back to the hotel after a long, but fun, day of shopping they brainstormed names for this store and came up with “Farmhouse Market”. It fit perfectly and they felt gave off the desired vibe of the style.

The last day of their girls trip Diana said, “Alright, lets do it! Let’s open Farmhouse Market!”

As they got into the car, neither one knew what would be decided in that three hour car ride home. But by the time they arrived back in Spring Branch, TX, Kaitlyn was no longer going to law school but instead starting her own business and with the help of her mom, following in her mother’s footsteps and opening Farmhouse Market.

The Craft ladies don’t do anything slow and the next day Farmhouse Market LLC was created, a shop space was rented, and they were well on their way to opening their dream store.

They hope to share their love of mixing old timeless pieces with new functional products and help people decorate their homes with this unique style.

Kaitlyn loves fresh and clean spaces with vintage pieces that tell stories. Diana loves the rich tones and colors and unique pieces that create Farmhouse Market. Together they bring the total package and can bring any space new life with their eye for putting together the old and new.