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Learn Scissor Skills

Learn Scissor Skills

  • By cutting out basic shapes and simple puzzles, your child will gain the confidence and practice he or she needs to perfect their scissor skills.
  • Features 26 activities to practice using the included children's safety scissors.
  • Fun and easy objects and shapes to cut out and glue together.
  • Simple puzzles to cut out and arrange to make a picture.
  • Wavy and straight lines to practice cutting skills.
  • Fun graphics to keep your kiddo interested.
  • Easy-to-remove pages.
  • Bold dotted outlines make cutting easier.
  • Thick, smooth-finish paper is easy to cut.
  • A pair of translucent lime-green child's safety scissors comes with the book.
  • 28 full-color pages.
  • Paperback workbook measures 8-1/2'' wide x 11'' high.
  • Caution! Scissors have sharp edges. Use with adult supervision. Recommended for ages 4 and up.

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