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My Feelings & Me

My Feelings & Me


Introduce youngsters to the world of feelings with My Feelings and Me Boxed Book Set!

  • Social-emotional learning helps children build confidence, talk about their feelings, and resolve conflicts.
  • This helpful book set introduces kids to different feelings through unique stories and characters, lets them explore situations that inspire complex emotions, and learn coping strategies that can be applied to everyday situations.
  • Plus, since there are no bad feelings, there's no bad place to start!
  • Boxed set includes 8 books covering happiness, anger, sadness, love, worry, boredom, confidence, and peace.
  • Titles include Angry Ant, Bored Bunny, Confident Cape, Happy Hat, Love Bug, Peaceful Plant, Sad Sack, and Worry Wart.
  • Appealing illustrations engage and entertain.
  • Ages 4 and up.
  • Each book measures 6'' wide x 6'' high.
  • Sturdy cardboard case keeps books safe and organized.
  • Set case comes with a carrying handle for reading on the go!
  • Case measures 6-1/4'' wide x 6-1/4'' high.

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