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Setting The Table :: Spring

Dinner Plates Lemons Tablescape

Lets be real, we all love changing up the look of our homes every now and then with something fresh and new. I wanted to show y'all a few tricks I use to affordably change up your dining space to achieve that fresh new look.

Building your tablescape in layers with neutral bases will allow you to easily freshen the space. With creating layers it allows you to add in seasonal pieces and swap out others. Neutral bases are great for year round and any occasion. Adding in your pops of color or prints on the top you are able to create a fresh new look without a whole new set.

The colors will come from the centerpieces you add and the top plates you add.

I used white pottery pitchers with magnolia stems and a magnolia garland. The stems and garland add texture and color and the pitchers are multi functional. Magnolia stems can be used year round and even could be used as a neutral base to add seasonal picks to. Using pieces on the table that are both functional and pretty is my favorite. 

Risers are one of my absolute favorite design pieces because they can be used in so many ways and even in different rooms. A riser at the center of your table adds height, design and can be used to place things that you may need on the table. 

Going back to those layers, starting your table setting with a neutral base really allows you to change it up seasonally. I used a galvanized charger here that could be mixed with many table settings, and a cream plate as a base that could be mixed with a fun printed plate like our lemon one pictured. 

Side Note : I didn't have a coordinating bowl in the shop but if I was really building the perfect setting with the lemon plate I would add a olive green bowl on the top in a very subtle print or just solid color. 

I like the ends of the table to be set a little differently than the rest. I think it is fun to use an even bigger base to build from like this wood tray with galvanized handles. You may take this off when you actually go to sit and eat at the table, but it is an eclectic touch to add that makes your table different.


Using pattern plates that are affordable is a great way to change your table up. Another example that we have in the shop right now is our grey animal printed plates. I love this set because it allows you to build those layers even deeper with 2 printed plates and a bowl. 


Hopefully this has inspired you or helped you think about how you can easily achieve a freshened space in your home. And as always, we are here to help and would love to help you build your tablescape for you home. 

- Kaitlyn



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