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I think many of us can relate to the fact that, at a young age, we just don’t appreciate our moms like we should. But, as we grow up that begins to change. As I have grown older it seems like each year my mom is becoming more my best friend. She is the person I call to spill all my juicy stories and to confide in when I am needing a strong woman’s opinion. Our mother daughter relationship has evolved into a true friendship. A friendship that created Farmhouse.


Farmhouse was imagined and created on a girls trip to Round Top, TX between just the two of us.

Round Top is a massive antique festival two times a year that spans multiple towns along one long stretch of county road. We took the trip a couple months after I had graduated Texas A&M for some quality mother daughter shopping time. After all, shopping has always been our favorite activity.


On that trip to Round Top we decided to open Farmhouse together. We had toyed with the idea of opening a shop for a few months, but I never took it seriously. She owns and operates two insurance businesses in San Antonio, (Yes! She is a total BOSS MOM) and I knew she didn’t have the time it would take to dedicate to opening a shop. But it was still fun to talk and dream.

However, over this trip the dream became a reality, and Farmhouse was created in what felt like overnight. We began creating the company and making major decisions about Farmhouse.


Each step further down the road she began to step back and really let me form Farmhouse into what it is today. She knew I had a vision for the business and she wanted to be there to support and encourage me, but she decided it needed to be my vision.

Today she is still on almost every buying trip and on the other end of many panicked calls from me about all the different trials I have faced as a young business owner.

Thankfully, she was in my shoes 22 years ago building her own incredible business and so she has a lot of advice to offer on those panicked calls. There are many times that I might have given up or not pushed harder if it wasn’t for her. Farmhouse wouldn’t have grown as quickly as it has without her for so many reasons. She knows how far I can be pushed and I am so thankful for all of her challenging encouragement.

And those buying trips – they are my favorite because it is back to just the two of us. After all, our favorite activity together has always been shopping! And if it weren’t for those trips lots of precious memories and laughs wouldn’t have been made.


Today my mom is one of my biggest cheerleaders, motivators, challengers, and inspirations. She is also my best friend in so many ways. Without her Farmhouse couldn’t exist. Without her I wouldn’t be growing into the woman I am today.

So Mom, I am FOREVER greatful for all you have done for me and for who you raised me to be. I love you and I can’t wait for our next girls trip that we cook up our next big idea!



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