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Today I am introducing you to my Farmhouse kitchen! While there are many elements to creating a farmhouse style kitchen, I would have to say the staple is the classic farmhouse sink, or as some call it an apron sink.

When searching for the sink that would work with my cabinets it was like looking for your favorite piece of candy in the candy store. You know exactly what you’re looking for and when you find it – it is pure joy. I could not wait to get this bad boy installed! There are all kinds with different textures, designs and materials. I went with the classic white open farmhouse sink.

Adding a Farmhouse Sink is one of the quickest ways to begin achieving a farmhouse style kitchen. Your contractor, or even if you are a DIY’er, this style of sink can typically be added very easily with the existing cabinetry. Just make sure to pay attention to your cabinet edges and the edges on the sink. You want a farmhouse sink that will sit flat with existing cabinets.

After having my sink and using it, I love it! I appreciate how it is all one open space and the beautiful style it adds to the kitchen!

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