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Having a mother as your best friend is pretty awesome. We shop together, get our nails done together, drink our wine together (her white and me red), and do anything you would do with your best friend. We are more than blessed to have each other.

So when the idea of opening a store together came about, it was a no brainer. We had done everything together and this was one more adventure we couldn’t wait to take on. This is the story of how Farmhouse Market came to be.

Round Top, TX is not for the lazy shopper. It is more like hunting than shopping. You have to dig through old boxes of junk to find that one unique piece. But when you do find those needles in a haystack, it is a thrill.

It was the second time we had ever been to Round Top. It was just mom and I for a girls weekend and we were so excited to hit the road and go “hunting”. I had booked a precious boutique inn in Fayetteville, TX called the “Red and White Inn”. We had lots of inspiration from this trip- including from this adorable inn.

We both love “old shit” as our girl, Miranda Lambert would say, and we love the game of finding those unique pieces that can’t be found anywhere else. We weren’t really shopping for anything particular, except maybe a few small pieces for my small city apartment patio, but as we shopped the idea of opening a shop kept coming back up with each unique piece that we saw.

We knew exactly what we would want to carry and the vibe we’d want to give off, but the logistics of opening and running the business were the problem.

The issue was I had committed to take my LSAT’s in June and go to law school next year. This had been the grand plan for as long as I could remember. I’d get my law degree and come back to work at Providence Risk, my mom’s insurance company. She hadn’t forced me to make these decisions but she had highly encouraged them as the company would be left to me and my two brothers.

We couldn’t open a store and a new business when she had more than her hands full with Providence. Sure, we could hire employees to work in the store, but no one to run the business with our style and vision and keep inventory stocked (keep hunting for those needles).

By the end of our hunting trip we had decided we were just going to do it. We had a few ideas of how it could work and we would figure it all out. After all, I wasn’t going to law school for a year. However, on the way home as our dreaming and business planning continued it became more and more clear one of us HAD to be in the store and run the business. It couldn’t be her. Therefor, it had to be me.

As the words came out of her mouth I couldn’t believe them. “Well what if you ran the business? Would that throw out law school? What would YOU rather do?”

I’m thinking to myself, Oh My Gosh. Is this real life?!? Is she really offering me the opportunity I think she is. I didn’t even have to think twice before tears ran down my face and said, “It’s an obvious choice- I want to go to work everyday and get to play and decorate!”

This is something I had always dreamed about and said if money weren’t an issue I’d open a store and carry pieces and products that I love.

It had been decided, we were opening Farmhouse Market and while we would be partners in this, it would be my baby everyday and I couldn’t wait!

Here is to our new adventure! WHOOP!

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