ROUND TOP TRIP #2 – Farmhouse Market TX
830-228-4488 | Hours: Monday - Saturday 10AM - 6PM
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In a matter of 3 days my mother and I had made a life changing decision to open Farmhouse Market, but we needed all those unique pieces we envisioned being in the store. So just a few days after getting back from our first trip we went back for a second trip!

Upon telling my dad of our new adventure (and receiving his blessing of course!) he became just as excited about the adventure as we were! He booked a UHAUL for me to drive on this next Round Top trip for mom and I to fill up. He said, “If you girls come back without this thing filled to the brim, I’ll be really disappointed in you.” (And boy, Mom and I did NOT disappoint him! ;] )

From our first trip we had picked out a few things we would love to have, but for the most part we would be covering as much ground as we could in the two days we’d be there. However, there was an old general store counter, with ruler still attached, that we had found that we both decided was a “have to have piece”. That would be our first stop- purchasing the General Store Counter.

However, we didn’t load the counter or other purchases from this vendor into the UHAUL cause we were going to come back and pick up everything at the end of the trip. Which would have worked out great except, we bought wayyyy too much for what I thought was a big UHAUL.

After day one of this hunting trip, we had filled the trailer up half way full and knew we wouldn’t be getting all of our items in the trailer and went ahead and made the call to dad. Thankfully mom and I are blessed with the most understanding and supporting husband and daddy because he laughed and said, “No problem! I’m proud of you girls! We’ll all go back up next week with a bigger truck and pick up the rest.” He really is the absolute best. He makes every situation fun and light hearted.

This trip was where we found our first awesome finds for the store and was filled with excitement and tired feet. Every day was a long day so that we could ensure we saw as much as we could to bring back and put in the store. The drive home, after a full day of shopping, we reviewed what we had bought and got more excited about all of it. This was the first night we unloaded the trailer at the 46 storage unit, which quickly became habit. Shopping all day and unpacking at night.

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