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You find a metal bucket, maybe a vintage olive bucket, but your not sure how to use it in your home. Well hopefully this blog will inspire you to use buckets and many other items for all kinds of different purposes.

At farmhouse we love all things vintage and pretty but they also have to be able to serve a purpose in our home. However, there are many items you can find laying around the house or in a junk store that can be turned into something creative – such as an herb garden, a cute trash can, or just hang it on the wall.

Olive buckets are really popular today in the vintage farmhouse world. But what do you use them for? I mean who really needs a bucket with holes in it?

Here are some great uses for your olive buckets through out your home.

  • A trash can in the bathroom or bedroom area.
  • A toilet paper holder or magazine holder in the bathroom.
  • A large bucket could be used for throws at the end of the couch.
  • Toy storage for your kids or furry friends.
  • A planter for a fern or multiple plants on the porch or in your home.
  • Line with a plastic bag and fill with ice to chill drinks.

Another popular thing to do in our farmhouses is plant herb gardens! Herbs are so great for all your cooking and drink making needs. But who wants a plain potter with herbs in it? Get creative and use something unique.

Here are some baskets we found while junking and then also found the sap collectors and stuck them inside the basket to plant herbs in.

We also love these long skinny metal baskets to plant herbs in. These would be great in a windowsill!

Vintage toolboxes that are worn down are another great way to plant your herbs!

After you finish burning a candle, use the old candle jar to plant your herbs in! This is a great way to recycle and reuse!

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