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Kaitlyn's Fall Essentials

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Summer is great and all but its too damn Hot in Texas to dress up and stay looking cute. I am so ready for Fall and for the season of family and friends, cooler weather, warmer colors and layered outfits.

To look cute in this season there are a few staples that every gal should have in her closet and here are a few of mine!

I think this is the first clothing item we think of when we think of Fall! A Plaid shirt. Perfect all on its own, but great for layering too! the frayed edges on this plaid makes it a little more unique. 

Check it out in our store :: Plaid Button Up

While we're on the layering topic a couple graphic tees can take your outfits a long way! This cute Chicken Ranch tank is the perfect layering graphic! 

The denim jacket is an essential for every closet. I love a funky denim jacket with different details but a classic one is a must have!

Camo is a super hot fashion trend right now and I think it is one that is going to stay a while. Take my advice and buy a couple great camo pieces that are versatile and you wont regret it. This camo graphic can be worn lots of ways! 

Check it out in our online store :: Brand of Cattle Camo Tee 

Velvet. I am obsessing with this trend! Last fall and winter velvet was hott, but this year it is even a bigger fashion statement! Dressed up or down velvet is a must have for every gals closet! This embroidered velvet Johnny Was is a awesome piece to add to your wardrobe. It will be one that is worn over and over.


Check it out in our online store :: Nindi Velvet Johnny Was Top

Shoes...I have a serious shoe obsession. And fall/winter shoes are my favorite of any season! It is still pretty toasty here in Texas and these booties and sandals are a great way to wear fall shoes while its still warm. 

Check it out in our online store :: Randee Taupe bootie

Check it out in our online store ::Kork Ease Nara Black Suede Sandle

Check it out in our online store ::Zelda Olive Bootie

I have talked about a lot of tops but you need a few different types of bottoms that are versatile. My go-to's for Fall are a comfy pair of skinny jeans, a colored legging, and a sharp legging. 

I love these higher waisted Dear John jeans! They have just the right amount of stretch and distressing. 

Check it out in our online store ::Threshhold Gisele Jeans Dear John 

These olive colored Jeggings are a total game changer. So comfortable and the color is THE COLOR this fall!  

Check it out in our online store ::Joyrich Comfort Olive Skinny Dear John

This suede front leggings are so sharp and can be really dressed up or worn more casual.

Check it out in our online store :: Suede Legging

We will end this list of essentials with my absolute favorite addition to my closet. This cozy long sweater that effortlessly makes the perfect casual cute outfit. Oh, and you know Miss Dolly had to make her appearance too!

Check it out in our online store :: Long sweater cardigan



Thanks for continuing to support us and love us! Wishing you the happiest of Falls, from our Farmhouse to yours - Kaitlyn 


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