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Kaitlyn's Farmhouse Dining Room

Hey there Farmhouse Friends! I apologize for taking a long time-out on blogging. We have been busy gals at Farmhouse growing and expanding our little shop. We opened our Kids Boutique in September of 2016 and launched our online website in June of 2017!



And let me say, none of the above would be possible without our gracious customer’s continued support. I owe all of you a MASSIVE THANK YOU! Thank you for letting Farmhouse and I continue to grow and service you in new ways.


We are now jumping back on this blogging train, and I am committed to sharing more with all of you! If you flash back to the past few blogs, I was sharing pieces of my home with you all. Up next on that adventure is my Dining Room.



When moving into my house 2 years ago I came in with some furniture from my cute little college home. This was awesome because I wasn’t starting to furnish my home from nothing. In the small collection of furniture I had a dining room table, chairs, and a rug. Even in college I liked the simplicity of the Farmhouse Look and these pieces reflected that.


The dining room table is from Pottery Barn Outlet, the four ladder back chairs on the sides were $10 each from craigslist that we painted and distressed, and the two chairs on the ends were a splurge to add sophistication. The Rug has the red tones in it that are carried into my kitchen and for that reason I made it work for now. It is something I want to change when I have the money in the budget to, but for now, it will work. I of course had to have a “farmhouse” table and the full mix matched look to go along with it.



The other elements to my dining room have all been added slowly since moving in. I have added the curtains, the vintage pie safe and the chicken coop. Curtains add such warmth and really dress up a space (mine are JC Penny and I got them massively on sale). The vintage pie safe adds a lot of character to the room but also serves a functional purpose for storage.  The chicken coop is on the wall that you see right when you walk in the house and I loved that it sets the farmhouse tone for my home.



So here are my tips for decorating a dining room:

-Don’t buy your dining room furniture in a set; mix and match and choose pieces that add something to your space.

-Sometimes you need to work with what you have, and that’s okay.

-Each space in your home should flow; use colors and similar stylistic pieces that you use throughout your home.

-A formal dining room is meant to hold a larger group of people, so when choosing furniture, don’t over crowd the space.

-A rug adds a lot of depth to your space and can also add color.

-Curtains bring warmth and elegance to your space. My vote is always have curtains.



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